Fox IT Dimensions, LLC

About Us


We are small company based in Columbus, Ohio with front office in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our Mission is to spread knowledge of the mysterious Russian Language across the globe.

We created colorful, fun and educational books, cards and posters for easy learning. Funny and comical T-shirts to remind you that you should not forget Russian Alphabet. You can find these products on Amazon, Ebay and our website with secure pay using Paypal.

We published series of original Russian caricatures to remember that there is humor in everyday life to get you through the day, even Russian Humor. You can purchase our printed books and digital eBooks on Amazon, Kindle and our Website.

Our apps on Android Google Play and Microsoft Store offer interactive learning.

We offer free learning and educational materials for our registered website visitors. We never sell your contact information please see our privacy. Learning never should be boring! So, get started with our products Sign Up to access exclusive content offerings.