Russian Humor Book Volume 3
Russian Humor Book Volume 3

Daily Humor in Russian Life Volume 3 - Alcohol Edition

Russian Caricatures with English Translations

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This book is a collection of Russian caricatures with English translations, reflecting the tragic and at the same time comical aspects of Russian life. This is volume 3 of the series "Daily Humor in Russian Life". Discover another culture and more reasons to laugh and smile. Purchase Daily Humor in Russian Life TODAY!
A great book for learning everyday Russian conversational language.
     The caricature dialog in Daily Humor in Russian Life is the best Russian learning book for everyday Russian conversations, common phrases, and words with dual meanings.
     You will not find most of this material in traditional Russian language educational books that teach proper Russian.

 In this book, you’ll encounter:
  • Perfect holiday gift for all your friends, Russian or not
  • Hilarious Russian drunk jokes, Russian beer jokes and Russian vodka jokes
  • Funny and relatable illustrations depicting Russian Life
  • Colorful caricatures of Russian characters in twisted yet hilarious scenarios
  • Captions and dialogue to help you learn conversational Russian
  • Impeccable English translations

Looking for a book represented by caricatures Russian humor?
     Laughter is indeed, the best medicine. Humor makes you human. We all have it, and everyone enjoys it when the right material tickles their funny bone.
     The meaning of a caricature according to Wikipedia is a rendered image showing the features of its subject in a simplified or exaggerated way through sketching, pencil strokes, or through other artistic drawings. The meaning of Russian caricature is a caricature on steroids. Humor largely depends on the context. What might make an American crack a smile or a couple of chuckles might be different from those born and raised in another country. Care to know what Russian humor looks like? 

Read and discover the tragic, yet comical aspects of life in Russia with Daily Humor in Russian Life! Russian vodka jokes! Russian beer jokes! Russian Drunk jokes!
     Daily Humor in Russian Life features Russian caricatures with English translations. Immerse yourself in a collection of illustrations portraying the country’s unique yet relatable sense of humor. The most popular form of the Russian humor is, of course, the anecdotes – short funny stories. Readers can treat each caricature as analog to a short funny story such as anecdote.
     True or not, even Russians believe that God watches over drunk people. There are endless stories of how drunk people slept outside during the brutal Russian winters and didn’t freeze to death, how they relieved themselves on open wires and didn’t get electrocuted, and walked into traffic emerging unharmed at the other side of the street. This book explores Russian drunk jokes and celebrates this glorious state of human beings.
     Daily Humor in Russian Life is the third of fourteen in a series the author holds very dear to their heart. Vodka seems to be the lifeblood flowing through the veins of the Russian people. Legend has it that the Russian prince, Vladimir the Great, rejected Islam as the country’s religion because of its intolerance to alcohol. Caricatures in this volume are dedicated to drinking, serving, and enjoying alcoholic beverages.

Discover another culture and more reasons to laugh and smile. Add Daily Humor in Russian Life to your cart TODAY!